June 2020
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Orthodox Patristic Center in Cairo
The Fathers of the Church are those who have contributed from the early ages of Christianity in defining, formulating and explaining the content of the faith, until it reached through the Ecumenical Councils to the agreed upon framing by the Church, by the end of the fifth century.
The Church Fathers have left a huge and important heritage of writings and sayings. The vast majority of those writings are not yet published in Arabic.
The idea of establishing the Orthodox Patristic Center emerged from the urgent need to explore and benefit from this heritage, in order to achieve three main objectives:
First: The Translation of the Church Father Writings and sayings from its original languages to Arabic
Second: The undertaking of Specialized Researches and Studies on the writings of the Church Fathers.
Third: The Deployment of Church Fathers teachings and thought throughout the Church.
The means to achieve these objectives:
First: Lectures, Meetings and Conferences:
1-     Monthly Lecture, that takes place on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm, ( started on January 1992)
2-     Cairo Meetings for Patristic Studies. The Center conducts three annual meetings, in January, June and October, each for two days, and presents two lectures each day, accompanied by sessions of discussions and questions related to the subject. (Started 1995)
3-     Annual Conference: This conference is held annually for duration of four days, during summer, deacons, deaconesses and servants of the church from all parishes participate in that conference. The conference offers a good opportunity to exchange spiritual and theological experiences. Through a well organized program, liturgies and symposiums take place, in addition to the main lectures, that are presented according to the schedule and notes distributed previously to the attendants. (Started 1992)
4-     Annual Youth Conference, which takes place in January for a duration of four days (Started 2005)
Second: Translations and Studies
A-     Translations. The center translates patristic texts, and publishes it through a series titled “Patristic Texts”. So far, the center has translated and published 166 books in this series, and continues to do so.
B-     Studies. The center undertakes researches on the translated patristic, and publishes it through a series titled “Patristic Studies”. So far 38 books were published in this series. And there is also another new series titled “Patristic and theological topics”.
C-     Patristic and Theological Review, which is issued biannually, and includes theological and patristic researches. First review was issued in January 1998.
Third: Specialized Courses in Patristic Studies:
The Courses are conducted in four subjects (Started 2001):


Greek Language
Patristic Studies
Fathers and Theology
Fathers and Holy Bible


Fourth: Participation with the Youth Bishopric:
The scholars of the center conduct patristic courses in the “training center of deacons”, and the “group of church  life”, as well as in the “specialized courses” in the Bishopric of youth.
Fifth: Teaching in some of the theological seminaries and colleges
Some scholars from the center teach subjects in the theological seminaries and colleges, in Damanhor, Portsaid, Mahala, Maadi, and Luxor.
Six: The Library
For research work and studies, the center embraces an important library in four languages, English, French, Greek, and Arabic, which includes patristic texts, patristic studies, biblical studies as well as theological studies, and it is comprised of more than 6000 volume and volumes.
Seventh: The center also provides research services through computer and internet, so that the scholar can explore patristic texts available on CD Roms, and surf the internet to obtain any information needed regarding the latest researches. The center also has initiated its own internet site, in order to interact with readers and scholars worldwide, and to facilitate for them all the center activities for their utmost benefit.